How I Came up with Idea Stories

My friends all know that I want to start my own business.  Unfortunately, I may be going about it backwards.  I just don’t have an idea for one yet.  So I’ve been looking around.  TED talks, journal articles, conferences, and brainstorming sessions.  I still haven’t found my “perfect idea,”  but along the way I discovered something else:  I am fascinated by ideas.  How do people come up with ideas?  What inspires ideas?  What events occur to shape these ideas?

For example, Jack Andraka, a 15-year-old who recently won the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair for an innovative way to diagnose cancer and other diseases, says he began thinking about it because his uncle died of pancreatic cancer.  His story is inspiring.  And his idea is even more inspiring.

Through this blog, I plan to interview individuals who have had great ideas, and uncover their idea stories.

Here we go.

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