The SPARC – Turning Ideas Into Reality

Standing in front of Mayan ruins in Cozumel, Mexico!

Having been on vacation from work for the last week and a half – yes, I know you are surprised to learn that this blog is not my full-time job! – I’ve had time to reflect about ideas, and the things you learn through the process of being an entrepreneur.  I am starting business school this fall, and I am excited about all of the new things I will be learning!

In light of this, I thought it would be appropriate to capture the five overarching themes from the inspiring entrepreneurs and minds I have featured for their Idea Stories.

Here it is, the “SPARC” for entrepreneurship and turning your ideas into reality!

Steadfastness.  Be persistent and stick with your vision.  You have to trust yourself.

People.  The right team is essential to your success.  Pick wisely!

Action.  Start now.  There will never be a “right time” for your startup, so just take the plunge.

Risk.  Be comfortable with it.  Face it and embrace it.  But make it calculated.

Care.  You must be passionate about your idea.  You’ll need it to survive the rough patches.

What is your SPARC? 

And I’d like to try something new this week!

I have a signed copy of The $100 Startup, by Chris Guillebeau, that I’m giving away.  The book has tons of useful tips about how to start your business, interesting case studies, and inspirational stories.  So, tell me in the comment section below: What is your idea? And why do you love it?

At the end of two weeks (September 6) I’ll pick my favorite comment, and send that person the book!  Hopefully you’ll put it to good use, and in a couple of months, I’ll be interviewing you about your Idea Story.

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3 Responses to The SPARC – Turning Ideas Into Reality

  1. Mark Perna says:

    My idea is starting a nonprofit to teach yoga to veterans. As a combat vet myself, I understand the issues that these men and women face when they return home. I’ve met vets two weeks out of combat in a college classroom. There’s no training to reintegrate them back into society! And they deserve better!

    After cycling through all the medications for depression, PTSD, anxiety disorder, and more, my daily practice of Forrest Yoga is what helps me center myself and work in a healing way with my injuries—both physical and emotional injuries. It’s been such a powerful tool I feel like it is my duty to bring it to other vets.

    My passion for yoga is what drives the business. My hope is that people will see how powerful it can be and that I can help improve the lives of veterans, even if just a small bit at a time.

  2. Tamar Gilad says:

    Modern homes are so airtight that indoor air is polluted. My idea is to create a website that sells plants that clean the air. Recent research has shown that a number of plants are good at removing indoor pollutants, such as formaldehyde.
    Another idea is to create a website that features and reviews products for a healthy, non-toxic home, including plants, paints, cleaning supplies, heating/cooling systems, etc.

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